An ACE vacation

A couple of months after Alexander was born Adam and I took a much needed weekend vacation. When you have a baby that cries every evening non-stop for the first three months, you need a break! Both of our families live in other cities and we still haven’t been brave enough to hire a nanny—Alexander had to … More An ACE vacation

My Mexican craving

I moved to San Diego roughly six years ago after visiting a couple of friends that live here. I had never been to America’s finest city before but something about how this city made me feel captivated me and I never left. I went back home, packed a larger suitcase and said goodbye to my family and my old life. … More My Mexican craving

French Macarons

In 2007 I discovered the famous French macarons. I visited Paris with my parents and we were in a macaron-mission, we visited some of the well known “Maisons du Macarons”: Laduree, La Maison du Chocolat and Fauchon. I am sure there are several more that we missed out on, Macarons being so trendy in the last decade.  … More French Macarons

Chez Georges, Paris

One of my favorite places on earth is and will always be: PARIS. I know it might sound like a cliché and not a very original choice, but I have been coming back to the City of Light since I was a young four-year-old. There is this je nais se quoi about its busy streets, packed sidewalks, … More Chez Georges, Paris