My 7 Easy Breakfast Recipes for the Family- Dairy and Gluten Free

by Rose Elder For some reason when I wake up my creativity is kind of shut off. I’m not sure if it’s only that or that my brain is blocked with the annoyance of not being able to feed Nicholas certain things like nut spreads or EGGS! I love eggs. So if you are on … More My 7 Easy Breakfast Recipes for the Family- Dairy and Gluten Free

Cauliflower Tacos

By Rose Elder I was telling my mother about todays post. And she was like: Ok, so, the cauliflower is the wrap? No mom, they are simple cauliflower tacos. So the cauliflower is a spread in the taco? No mom, the cauliflower is used instead of the protein! So for anyone that likes to have … More Cauliflower Tacos

Portobello Tacos

by Rose Elder There are two things that make me love cooking even more: 1. Not getting the kitchen dirty 2. Making something delicious I don’t feel guilty about eating Also some days I just really don’t want to eat meat. I am not a vegetarian I do love my meat, but a couple days a … More Portobello Tacos

Power Breakfast

by Rose Elder During the weekend most of us eat out abusing fat and carbs. This is not only a delicious recipe, it’s also a power breakfast you can have at home to start your day with the right foot. You might even feel a little less guilty about missing healthy vegetables, proteins and healthy fats later in the day. … More Power Breakfast