Besta System

by Rose Elder    In San Diego California, as in any major city,  we have lost the common perspective of living space. We think that a 1400 ft.² house is a pretty standard home size. When we purchased our 2000 ft.² house I genuinely believed it was huge! Before that, we had lived in an … More Besta System

My IKEA Obsession

by Rose Elder It’s no secret to my family and friends that I’m obsessed with Ikea. I’m obsessed to the point that I make up any excuse to go to Ikea. Ikea’s designers must really go to a thorough thought process when they create anything and everything they sell in their stores; And I love that. More … More My IKEA Obsession

Freshen-up Your Pantry

by Rose Elder My husband recently wrote an article for The article is about how to buy exactly a week worth of groceries. He interviewed a nutritionist and a professional organizer to give the reader information on how to achieve this. I asked Adam if he could ask the experts for advice on how to avoid wasting food. I … More Freshen-up Your Pantry

Alexander’s bedroom

I finally got my inspiration back. Moving from our first apartment together to our new home was a bit of a struggle. For starters, moving. It was a long and exhausting process. Finding the perfect place for everything, creating a clean and functional home. Realizing that our furniture was not working for our new place … More Alexander’s bedroom