Traveling with Children

by Rose Elder

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In the next few days I’m flying with both of my kids without my husband. I have been anticipating this trip since I booked it back in April. Alexander is such an active little guy and Nicholas started walking not too long ago, so they are unstoppable! I think more than the flight, what worries me the most is the check-in line. The specific airline I’m flying is a bit of a mess, but its the only one that flies directly to where I’m going. Last time it took over an hour to get checked-in!

In the line Nicholas needed a diaper change and Alexander was restless and needed to go potty. We had to push the stroller, carry the carseat and drag all the luggage. Every time the line advanced one foot, I had to do it over again. That time I was with Adam and it was exhausting for both of us. This time, no joke, I’m going to leash Alexander (with those backpacks that have a leash) and have Nicholas tied to the stroller. They can scream all they want, but I don’t want to deal with a child running away from me.

Then the security line. Get Nicholas out of the stroller. Fold the stroller and pass it through the x-ray machine. Every little process is a hassle! And then waiting another hour at the gate waiting to board. Alexander trying to play all over the dirty floor and I’m pretty sure Nicholas will second him this time.

Then comes the boarding. Re-pack the diaper bag and sit a screaming toddler in the stroller. Beg my 4-year old to stop running around. Then carry the diaper bag, fold the stroller, contain both kids until we make it to our seats. Oh my! Just writing about it is giving me a stomach ache.

I am currently downloading his favorite cartoons on my phone. I don’t want to carry a heavy iPad on top of everything else. I will have an array of snacks they can have on the waiting line and on the plane. I don’t want to deal with an allergic reaction by myself at the airport! I was also thinking of visiting the $1-$3 section at Target to buy little things they can entertain themselves with during that time. Fun stuff they haven’t seen before.

I am writing this post mostly because I need your advice. I have been a chicken and have never travelled by myself with my kids since Alexander was a couple of months old. I swore not to do it again! Please leave me your advice in the comment section at the beginning of this post. And wish me luck!

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Traveling with Children

  1. Jajajajaja ya me cansé nada mas de leer todo lo que vas a tener que pasar! Suerte!!! See u soon 😘

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