Visiting San Diego California with Children

by Rose Elder


I want to start by mentioning some our great beaches. It is an amazing way of keeping kids busy for most of the day.


Pacific Beach
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Coronado Island. Here you can arrive by boat via Downtown San Diego’s waterfront. There are several places that rent bicycles and you can cycle around the island. It is pretty safe because there isn’t much traffic around the residential streets. Then you can enjoy a treat at Hotel Del and get your feet wet at one of the most amazing beaches you will ever see.
Downtown La Jolla has a beautiful area called La Jolla Village. The ocean view is incredible. There are several playgrounds and parks where your kids can run around. There is also good entertainment to watch the seals for free at The Children’s Pool. La Jolla Shores is a great beach as well, it’s very wide so there is plenty of space for the kids to build sand castles.
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Enjoy amazing gelato at Bobboi Natural Gelato 
Windansea. You can watch some of the best surfers in the city ride waves at this beach.
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Stop at Caroline’s Seaside Cafe at La Jolla Shores for a nice lunch with an incredible view.

Balboa Park

From museums to restaurants and playgrounds. Balboa is one of the largest parks in the country. It is worth spending a full day here. There are several museums catered for kids as well as playgrounds and great restaurants like The Prado and Panama 66.
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Have lunch at Panama 66. Very welcoming to families, good food and great beer. Alexander had 2 PB&J’s!

Liberty Station

This is a whole development next to the San Diego Bay waterway. You can also spend if not a full day here, a good part of it. NTC playground is one of the coolest playgrounds we have in the city. Have lunch at Stone Brewery or Liberty Public Market. Visit Moniker General to do a little bit of shopping while enjoying good coffee. If you really want to keep the kids busy take them to Kidventures and Corvette Diner.
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NTC Park


Liberty Public Market

The San Diego Central Library

There is a kids section at the library that is worth visiting if you are around. There are obviously many books as well as interactive digital tools. There are also reading times for kids, just look them up here.

You might event want to stop at Petco Park to watch The Padres play baseball if they are in season. They have a kids section with a huge sandbox and tickets are pretty cheap, around $10-$15.

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The Coaster to Solana Beach

A fun experience for the kids can be taking The Coaster train that departs from Santa Fe Station in Little Italy, to north county. Stop at Solana Beach and walk around Cedros Street. They have amazing little boutiques and galleries. Solo is for sure my favorite.



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North Park

North Park is this hip neighborhood where a lot of young families live. They have several restaurants with kid areas you can check out. You can go to the free arts and crafts Saturday afternoons at ChuckAlek where you can enjoy a beer while your kids have a great time. Before or after you can stop at Encontro or Waypoint Public to have a nice meal. And please stop by Pigment, this amazing boutique I make any excuse to go to.
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South Park

You can visit South Park after going to North Park or vice versa. They are pretty close to each other, maybe a 5 minute drive. Here you can walk the streets, stop at Station for a burger. Station is a pretty cool place with a kids area, so its always busy. Visit The Gold Leaf and Junc Boutiques. Then have an ice cream at The Daily Scoop on Juniper or a chocolate dessert at Eclipse bar and bistro.




The Childrens Museum 

Located in Downtown San Diego. It is pretty amazing, super modern and ample. Many hands-on activities for the kids. I believe it’s $8 per person to get in.






The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo if you have the time it is incredible. It is huge, so it will take you all day to see it. The only problem with the zoo, if you care, is that in the summers it is packed. It is honestly hard to walk around. I try to go with girlfriends early mornings in the fall.



The Waterfront Park

The Waterfront Park is located in Downtown San Diego west of Little Italy. It is one of the most amazing parks you will ever visit and it is free! They have a huge area where the kids can splash and a playground with fun and creative structures. If you have the energy take a 20 minute walk to The Headquarters and have lunch at Puesto. Great Mexican food! Don’t forget to walk around Seaport Village after your meal.






Cabrillo National Monument

The views are out of this world. I can go on and on on the history here, but what you need to see is the views of downtown San Diego and the bay, the light house and visit the cemetery on your way out.



I really hope this answers some of your questions on what to do when you visit this amazing city with your families.

What are some of your favorite spots in San Diego?


Advice from an Expert on Cosmetic Procedures

by Rose Elder


Are you ready to go under the knife? I am most definitely not. I have seen several relatives and friends go under the knife and the excruciating pain they go through and the long recovery is something I will never go through by will. The scariest part is that sometimes the results have completely changed their appearance; Not in a positive way. Some have had great face lifts, but no one is exempt from the pain.

We are so lucky that in the XXI century hundreds of discoveries have been made on beauty treatments that can prevent us from ever seeing an operating room. My neighbor is a pharmaceutical representative for a company that sells some of these products and I sat down with her to learn more about what is out there. She is trained to know about every cosmetic procedure out there. Jennifer mentioned all the new technology that has been developed in the last few years and after learning more about it I now understand why celebrities look so wonderful!

The only thing stopping the rest of us from looking that beautiful is the money to do it. Some of these cosmetic procedures are very costly but apparently very worth it.

Here is a breakdown of the procedures Jennifer advices we can have done to prevent the knife:

  1. Injectables (Botox and fillers)
  2. Photo facial lasers
  3. Skin treatments like Micropen
  4. Chemical peels
  5. Ultherapy 



OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox) is probably the most well known and most used injectable today. It is non-invasive treatment that reduces or completely eliminates frown lines, forehead creases and crow’s feet around the eyes by temporarily relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles.

There is something called a “Liquid Facelift” which consists of the specialist injecting Botox around your face to create skin tightening throughout. The results typically last 3-4 months.

Each unit of Botox costs an average of $10.

Fillers have many different names, but it is basically what its name says, a filler to make your face look full and youthful again. Fillers typically restore volume and fullness to the skin correcting facial wrinkles and folds such as the wrinkles above the upper and lower lip. Lately fillers are also being used to add cheekbones and make the chin more prominent to make a face more symmetric. They are also injected right under the lacrimal bone to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags.

You can change your appearance without surgery by using the different fillers available now. The downside of fillers is that they only last 6-18 months and they are costly. Another problem with fillers is that when they wear out the skin can be left looking saggy.

There is a new injectable that helps you deduce the double chin. Jennifer tells me it hasn’t been super popular, but it does sound like a great alternative to surgery.



There are many different type of facials lasers and each one varies in intensity. A photo facial laser treats fine wrinkles, large pores and evens skin tone. You might need more than one treatment but it really improves the skin’s appearance. Some lasers are so mild you can continue your day as you would any other day. Others are a little stronger and you might have maybe one or two days of recovery from the redness.

There is also a procedure called Acculift which is basically a facial laser liposuction. This is done to liquify fat from the jawline, cheeks and neck to contour those areas.

I personally had the IPL a couple of years back and was very pleased with the results. I didn’t even feel like I had to use make-up for a couple of weeks after. The downside with lasers is that you have to do several a month apart to really see a real result. They range of cost varies from around $200 to $500.



A sterile tip containing 12 tiny micro needles creates many tiny vertical cuts through your face. The treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, improving skin tone and texture. It also helps even your skin tone. The little cuts make your skin regenerate and look younger. It is recommended to be done once a year.


Chemical Peels:

There are different kinds of chemical peels, but most target fine lines and enlarged pores as well as lessening superficial pigmentation from sun damage or hormonal changes. Some peels are also said to help tighten your skin and treat blemishes. I have never done a chemical peel mainly because of the name: It sounds too abrasive. You also have to have several done to see improved results.



Its an amazing procedure that simulates a complete face, neck and chest lift! It is done with a special ultrasound machine heating your inner skin layer to the exact right temperature to increase collagen production. In the next few months after getting the procedure done your skin will start to tightening improving sagging and wrinkles. The main difference between a laser and ultherapy is that ultherapy reaches deeper layers of the skin resulting in much better skin tightening. Ultherapy does come with a price tag that ranges from $700 (just the brow area) to $5,500 for brow area, chin, neck and chest. Prices vary from expert to expert.

Thank you, Jennifer!





5 Must-Have Trends for Summer 2017

by Rose Elder

I met with Janna Cota, founder and owner of TRESCOOL, and fashion specialist. She is giving us the insight into the main trends we will be seeing this summer 2017. Some trends from last year will stay but get ready to add this summer favorites to your collection!



Wear them in dresses, tops and jumpsuits. There are no limits for flowers.



Modernize this classic print with a fun dress or a sexy top.




Wear it up or wear it down. Lace is here to make a statement any time of day.




Vertical stripes are the trend. They elongate and slim your figure.




Deconstructed tops are getting more and more daring.

Thank you, Janna!

What trends are you rocking this summer?